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The tower is the mainstay of every wind turbine, forming the steady link between the massive turbine and the force of nature that is wind. We at Max Bögl Wind AG continuously strive to improve our Hybrid Tower to ensure highest efficiency. With our Hybrid Towers, hub heights up to 190 meters can be achieved in a cost-effective way.


Each additional meter of hub height increases the annual energy yield of a wind turbine up to 1 percent, thus ensuring a faster return on investment for the entire project. As a turnkey company we are able to provide all construction services from a single source – from infrastructure work to complete turbine installation.

Efficient combination of steel and concrete

Tower concept - Max Bögl Wind AG

Steel Tube Section

Our steel tower is a soft structure made of sheet steel, which consists of several transportable lengths. The steel tower is produced at our Sengenthal headquarters in our in-house steel engineering fabrication facilities.


The adapter combines concrete and steel elements and therefore acts as a transitional piece between the two tower components. While the integrated bolts enable the steel tube tower to be accommodated, the adapter also simultaneously provides the post-tensioning forces for the concrete tower.

Post-Tensioning Technology

An external system made of high-strength pre-stressing steel is used for post-tensioning our concrete. The system absorbs the tensile stresses on the tower and therefore prevents the concrete elements from being forced apart.

Concrete Elements

The concrete elements are mass-produced in our own precast component plants. The precision of the components is ensured using special formwork, precise CNC milling and exact measurements. The various components are finally placed together with dry joints on the construction site.


In order to dissipate the loads from the wind and its own dead weight to the ground, the hybrid tower is built on a circular foundation made of in-situ concrete. The concrete tower is pre-tensioned into the foundation from the adaptor by means of external tensioning strands.

Advantages of the Hybrid Tower System

  • Approved and trusted technology
  • Economical system of concrete and steel
  • Maintanance-free concrete tower
  • Transport on standard trailers
  • Short leadtime and installation
  • Local production with mobile fabrication


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