Energy management. Everything in sight.

The Energy Management module gives companies a full overview and extensive options for using the electricity they generate as efficiently and economically as possible. Through targeted data analysis and visualization, optimization and control potentials become apparent at a glance.

Measurement concept

With the help of an appropriately designed metering concept, base loads, large consumers and savings measures can be identified. By installing metering points in production halls, office buildings and on machines, companies obtain a comprehensive overview of consumption times and sources. Based on market signals, loads can thus be switched off and on in a targeted manner, especially in industry (demand side management).

Power data acquisition and control

With the help of an energy management system, all electricity data from generation to consumption plants are analyzed via various interfaces and standardized software. The aim is to make the volatile energy as economical, efficient and demand-oriented as possible in the future.

Electricity commercialization

We take over the marketing of surplus energy on the spot market – and achieve the best price for our customers. To do this, we work with them to develop the optimal marketing model. Using sophisticated forecasting methods, we determine possible feed-in quantities and take over complete control from the registration process to connection to the grid. Companies benefit from our strong network of different generators, so that we can also compensate for power fluctuations quickly and easily. Our comprehensive customer portal gives our customers a full overview of all data at all times.