Energy future for companies. Everything from a single source

Sustainable and economical energy generation and use as well as efficient energy management pose major challenges for many companies. With the help of a holistic energy concept, we accompany companies on their way to self-supply of electricity. The approach includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of site conditions and identification of potential fields
  • Conception of suitable building blocks for the transformation as well as possible procedures
  • Conducting feasibility analyses
  • Budget and implementation planning for relevant modules
  • Realization including project management as well as technical and constructional support

The conception phase comprises four modules that can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs:

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Power Generation

Wind and solar energy is economical and sustainable. Therefore, it is the perfect source for an independent power supply.

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Energy utilization

In order to be able to use the energy from wind power and photovoltaic plants at any time, storage and conversion systems that are optimally adapted to the required capacities are indispensable.

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Energy management

With the right energy management, companies have their entire energy supply in view and can distribute it as economically and efficiently as possible.

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Energy service

Regular maintenance extends the service life of the plants. This is part of our service – as is support in technical and commercial management.

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