Energy generation from sun and wind. Sustainable and economical.

Wind turbines and photovoltaics are among the most economical energy sources due to their high yield capacity. Sun and wind are also sustainable energy sources. With the right generation concept, we support companies in self-supply with renewable energies from planning to construction to plant operation.

Wind power plants with hybrid towers

With a comprehensive site analysis, we determine the optimal location for erecting the wind turbines near the company, taking various aspects into account. A detailed profitability calculation provides information on the number of turbines required, the power classes as well as the hub heights of the wind turbines. We accompany companies during the entire approval phase and provide support in the application process and further contact with the responsible authorities. The planning for the execution of the construction and the necessary infrastructure is part of our services as well as finally the implementation of the wind turbines with our innovative hybrid towers.

Rooftop and ground-mounted PV

We identify the right location for PV systems for our customers. Integration into an existing area concept is possible, for example on roof areas within the company site. The creation of new areas, such as the roofing of parking facilities, also offer space for photovoltaics. Open spaces close to the company site, such as meadows or agricultural land, can also be used for the construction of a PV park. We undertake the site analysis for our clients, evaluate the economic viability of the project opportunity and carry out the planning and project implementation. We provide support during the approval phase and quickly and reliably carry out the installation and grid connection as well as the integration of the plant into the company’s internal grid.

Floating PV

Floating photovoltaic systems represent a new approach to the land use of solar energy. They are ideal for use on nearby quarry lakes, where part of the surface can be used for the systems. The cooling of the modules by the water also makes them more productive. The shading provided by the floating systems helps to prevent the water temperature from rising and also reduces the evaporation of water. We are also a competent partner in the area of floating PV and provide support throughout the entire planning and implementation process, from calculating the economic viability of the system (performance classes) to the approval phase and constructional implementation.