Energy use. Independent at all times thanks to energy storage.

Renewable energies are volatile sources of electricity generation. To make electricity permanently available, a suitable storage concept is an important building block for independent energy supply. When generation is too low, the stored electricity can be switched on so that a full supply is possible at all times during times of demand, such as production times. In the event of overproduction, conversion into other energy sources is also possible in addition to storage. Among other things, Max Bögl is pursuing the concept of sector coupling. Here, the energy sector is linked with the industrial, transport or building sectors. For example, surplus energy is used to heat company buildings.

Battery storage

We supply efficient storage systems in various power classes and with variable megawatts. The battery storage systems are thereby adapted to the energy and storage requirements of the company. In the event of overproduction, the solar or wind energy is stored and fed into the company’s internal grid at particularly energy-intensive times, or the surplus energy is marketed at high-yield times. The established and standardized storage systems enable particularly economical use and are a central element for controlling the company’s internal supply concept.

Natural heat storage

Our natural heat storage systems use the laws of physics to heat and cool buildings, whether they are production halls, administration buildings or urban quarters. The natural heat storage system converts ambient air into thermal energy that is used to heat or cool buildings. The combination of air heat exchanger and ice storage allows efficient use of heating and cooling loads larger than 50kW. With a visually appealing design and various design variations, the thermal storage units fit seamlessly into any environment. They can be combined in a modular way so that their performance can be variably adapted to area and demand.

Water battery

The Max Bögl water battery is an innovative concept for storing electricity from renewable energies. Surplus energy from generated wind or PV power is temporarily stored with the help of water basins and a pumping power plant and fed into the power grid when needed.
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Power-to-X technologies convert surplus electricity from wind and solar energy for other uses. In these processes, the electrical energy is converted into gas (power to gas), heat (power to heat) or liquid fuel (power to liquid). The areas of application are diverse: In addition to the most common use for conversion into heat for heating water and buildings, the technology is also used to split water with the aid of electrolysis. The hydrogen produced in this process can be used to fuel vehicles. Power-to-X technologies are also used in industry to replace fossil fuels. The choice of power-to-X applications to be used is based on the needs of the companies. We provide them with targeted advice by conducting a comprehensive analysis of possible application scenarios.