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The prefabricated segments are joined at the construction site to form whole rings using specially developed assembly devices. Read more: https://t.co/ZRG6NbSBUh #HybridTower #WindEnergy #MobileFabrication https://t.co/pWmaJw4d2C mbrenewables photo

The #WaterBattery consists of renewable energy sources and a pumped-storage plant, which centerpiece are the reversible high performance turbines. Read more: https://t.co/nWq10ydZbA #StoragePower https://t.co/Gtf8j0P7D5 mbrenewables photo

Shaping the future of energy in our Sengenthal headquarters, where our products and visionary ideas were born. #Renewables #TheFutureOfEnergy https://t.co/gs1UDT0ZSk mbrenewables photo

Innovative construction methods and smooth processes are the product of long-standing experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing high-precision concrete and steel components. #HybridTower #renewables https://t.co/eqqUDXlPXa mbrenewables photo

#EnergyStorage solutions for #renewables in focus: MdL Stephen Brauer ( @FDPBW) as a guest on top of the active reservoir of our #WaterBattery in Gaildorf. #StoragePower https://t.co/dWmcP9c4pw mbrenewables photo
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„From afar their height attracts attention: In Gaildorf, South Germany, the worldwide highest wind turbines are on the grid since Dezember.“
- TAZ, 01/14/2018

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