Sustainable train transport for concrete tower segments

Sustainability at the top of the list: Train transport for concrete tower segments of wind turbines


Max Bögl Wind AG attaches great importance to sustainability and energy from renewables: With the Hybrid Tower Bögl we are making a considerable contribution to the green energy transition in Germany and the world. Recently, the concrete parts for our wind turbine towers have been moved to the project site by train. This frees roads from heavy-duty traffic and at the same time reduces pollution.


This has been made possible by the continuous development of our Hybrid Tower system. From originally cost-intensive heavy-duty transports, to transport with standard trucks, to the current “green” transport by rail – the tower design was optimally and efficiently adapted to the new requirements. In the end, this not only serves the economic efficiency of the Hybrid Tower, it also fits perfectly into the philosophy of Max Bögl Wind AG. Sustainability, environmental awareness and “green” energy are priority here.


Currently, a total of 16 towers are leaving the company premises in Sengenthal by train transport for a wind farm project in Haren-Fehndorf.


Credits: Max Bögl Wind AG / Christoph Meier