Max Bögl Wind AG sets an example for climate protection with tree planting campaign

Already today, the Hybrid Towers of Max Bögl Wind AG produce climate-neutral electricity and make a decisive contribution to a sustainable future. In order to also make a personal statement against climate change, the company participated in a tree planting campaign near Pegnitz in Upper Franconia on April 21, 2021 together with the project partner “Treemer® gGmbH – Your tree for our future”.


One tree was planted for each of the 200 Hybrid Towers erected in 2020 on a total area of 400 square meters. Each tree absorbs 258 kilograms of CO2 in its first 100 years of life alone. Josef Knitl, CEO of Max Bögl Wind AG, is pleased with this additional contribution to a green footprint: “Technologies have advanced, turbines work more efficiently, and with high hub heights we can also further increase economic efficiency. However, we are not stopping here. We go one step further, want to do even more for the climate and future generations, and set a conscious example with our tree planting campaign.”


With its reforestation campaigns, project partner Treemer® gGmbH is pursuing the goal of establishing new forests with high CO2 storage potential on land formerly used for intensive agriculture, among other things. New forests through initial afforestation sequester significant amounts of carbon. Both deciduous and coniferous tree species are planted which, on the one hand, exhibit rapid youth growth and, on the other hand, ensure vigorous growth even in the advanced age of the forest. These tree species mixes are designed to maximize carbon sequestration and create a stable, climate-tolerant forest as a new habitat.


With the tree planting campaign, Max Bögl Wind AG is demonstrating how a large company can succeed in reducing its carbon footprint. “We sense a positive spirit of optimism in the industry and among the people we meet. With the right energy concepts and a high level of personal commitment, we are making a major contribution together in shaping a climate-neutral future,” says Knitl.


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