Height rescue training in Gaildorf

Practicing for emergencies: Rescue scenarios at dizzying heights


“Hanging from a rope at such a height is certainly a strange feeling.” For Stefan Würth, head of technical operations at Max Bögl Wind AG, the maintenance of wind turbines at considerable heights is part of his everyday work.


In order to guarantee safety during the regular inspections of the world’s highest wind turbines in Gaildorf, technical operations management of Max Bögl Wind AG held a height rescue training there on November 17, 2018.


Together with the local fire brigade, the German rescue service, the Crailsheim mountain rescue group, and two trainers from the company Rope Mission, the Max Bögl employees performed various rescue exercises at all levels of the wind turbines. An introduction to the safety concept was presented before the actual training took place. In addition to learning about general turbine technology, each participant was instructed in the use of the safety equipment and provided with personal protective equipment. During the training, a range of emergency situations were simulated, which due to the good wind conditions seemed especially realistic to the participants. “This was mainly noticeable as you swayed while rappeling below the nacelle“, said Stefan Würth of Max Bögl.


The training at the world’s highest wind turbine in Gaildorf was very exciting for the participants and covered all of the information required for emergency situations. Hopefully the skills learned on that day will not be needed in the future.


Photo credit: Max Bögl Wind AG