Hybrid Towers of the second generation used for the first time

Max Bögl Wind AG is currently erecting wind farms in Drohndorf (Saxony-Anhalt) and Elfertshausen (Bavaria), using Hybrid Towers of the new generation.


In Drohndorf, a wind farm consisting of four wind turbines is being expanded together with the turbine manufacturer VENSYS. Hybrid Towers Bögl of the first generation have been standing here since 2017. In the next weeks eight further Hybrid Towers Bögl 2.0 will be erected. With a hub height of 132 meters and a rotor diameter of 136 meters, the VENSYS plants with a rated output of 3.5 megawatts each will feed green electricity into the power grid.


In Elfertshausen, a wind farm project is being realized in parallel with the turbine manufacturer GE. This project comprises a total of three wind turbines with hub heights of up to 161 meters, which will be installed on top of our new hybrid tower system. With a rated output of 5.3 megawatts each and a rotor diameter of 158 meters, these turbines will also generate electricity for the regional grid.


With the combination of concrete and steel segments, hub heights of up to 190 meters can be realized economically with the Hybrid Tower Bögl. In addition, the hybrid wind turbine towers are designed to withstand the new more powerful wind turbines and the larger rotor diameters. With the new tower generation less material is required with constant stability. Adjustments were also made to the foundation design, interior fittings and tower segmentation and geometry. For wind power projects such as Drohndorf and Elfertshausen, this means less heavy transports and consequently less complex approval procedures and lower transport costs. Thanks to the innovative interior design concept, construction time is reduced even further. The cost-effectiveness of the hybrid tower system has been increased enormously thanks to these measures, which represents a positive development for the currently challenging wind market.



Photo credits: Max Bögl Wind AG / Reinhard Mederer