Pilotproject: Current Site Status

Progress at all levels at the pilotproject in Gaildorf – The individual construction phases of the pilot project Gaildorf are taking shape: The wind turbines should be connected to the grid before the end of 2017; the works at the lower reservoir and at the pumped-storage power plant will be finished end-September 2018. Project manager Johannes Kaltner and his team are working tireless on the successful completion of the worldwide unique energy storage concept.


The works on the active- and passive basins are already finished. In addition, the works on the substation – started in July – were completed in September. Mid-October started the laying of the culvert – a pipe that serves as a link between pump storage shaft and lower basin. The pump storage shaft with a depth of 25 meters is already excavated since early September; the following works on the pumped-storage power plant are expected to last until end-September 2018.


Furthermore, in August 2017 started the advance excavation on the lower basin, after the therefore necessary construction roads were built.


Photocredits: Max Bögl Wind AG, Holger Hessenthaler