Water Battery nominated for GreenTec Awards 2018

GreenTec Awards 2018 – The Water Battery of the Max Bögl Wind AG is one of the most innovative storage concepts, which should contribute to the success of the energy revolution. The first pilot project is currently implemented in Gaildorf with the highest wind turbines of the world and is there better known as Naturstromspeicher.


The Water Battery is in the Top 10 nominations of the GreenTec Awards 2018 in the category “Energy”. The Online-Voting for the project started on November 30th. Pre-selection evaluation criteria of the GreenTec Awards include questions like „How high is the degree of innovation and the possible contribution to future energy supply?” or „Is the idea compatible with existing structures?“. The Water Battery can answer both questions with „yes“.


Online Voting till January 2018 – Your vote counts!


November 30th started a public online voting of the GreenTec Awards. To January 8th, advocates of the project can vote on abstimmung.greentec-awards.com and make the Water Battery even more known. After the vote, the three finalists will be chosen according to the results of the online voting and a jury decision.


2008, the GreenTec Awards were conferred for the first time and had developed to the world’s most important environmental award until today. Along with over 120 partners, they offer large and small companies, NGOs and associations, athletes, actors and all active people an international stage to present the best projects for the environmental protection. The GreenTec Awards award, connect and communicate green lifestyle.


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