Mobile Fabrication: Transport to Thailand

Mobile fabrication on tour – Until the middle of the year, the mobile fabrication developed by Max Bögl for an international deployment was built in the „Schlierferheide“ by Sengenthal. Since August 2017, the completely autarkic production site is transported to Thailand. In nearly 250 containers, the individual constituents are transported with the train to Rotterdam and from there shipped to Laem Chabang (near Bangkok). The remaining stretch to the location Hui Bong will be covered with trucks. There, the mobile fabrication will be built from November 2017. Production will start in February 2018.

Thanks to the mobile fabrication, the components of the proven Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System can be produced directly on-site in the future. The transportable plant has his first use in Thailand, where 90 wind turbines in three sections will be built until 2019.


Photocredits: Max Bögl Wind AG, Reinhard Mederer