Pilot project Mobile Fabrication in Thailand successfully completed

We made it: Max Bögl Wind AG reaches milestone in the Thepharak wind farm in Thailand: The 90th Hybrid Tower of the project is now complete. The company thus proves that wind turbines can be built to German quality standards far from home using a Mobile Fabrication.


“We are proud to have erected some of the highest wind turbines in Asia using our Mobile Fabrication for the very first time,” says Udo Hiller, Central Division Head of Wind Turbines at Max Bögl Wind AG. The turbines and rotary blades will be installed in the coming weeks so that the entire wind turbine assembly will be completed by early February. All turbines are scheduled to go online in March, thus ensuring that Thailand is one step closer to its goal of achieving 30 percent renewable energy by 2036. On-site production increased the local value added and significantly eased the infrastructure burden by eliminating the need for heavy transport.


Josef Knitl, CEO of Max Bögl Wind AG, is proud of the achievement made by everyone involved in the project: “Our goal was to make it possible to have a fully functional production plant at any location in the world. With bold ideas and dedicated employees, we were able to succeed in this innovative project.” Soon Hybrid Towers made in accordance with German engineering standards will leave the production plant at a new location.


Photo credit: Max Bögl Wind AG