Intelligent energy grid

Development of an innovative energy cell – The energy grid of the future is currently being built at Max Bögl in Sengenthal. The construction company, founded in 1929, completely digitalized its supply network and developed an intelligent and efficient energy grid. In future, it will be possible to generate almost 100 % of the plant’s electricity demand from renewable energies and distribute it via the smart grid. The energy mix of 9.6 MW wind power, 2.5 MW photovoltaic, 1.5 MW battery storage supplemented with an innovative cell management system is an ideal combination.


In future, it should also be possible for the energy cell at the Max Bögl plant to catch itself in island operation in the event of a grid failure and supply itself independently with the existing regenerative generators and storage facilities. With these innovative grid structures, energy suppliers can also support in the challenges of the energy turnaround and contribute to grid stability in the entire region.


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