Storage Power. Storing renewable energies efficient.

One of the greatest challenges of the energy revolution is achieving flexible retrieval of green electricity. Here Max Bögl Wind AG and its Water Battery makes a real difference. Due to the innovative combination of renewable energy and a pumped-storage hydropower plant, a high performance storage solution for flexible energy supply has been created.


The Water Battery serves as short-term storage and makes a contribution to keeping the electric grid stable. Using peak shaving, load peaks can be lowered and power line-related grid fees saved. When needed, the pumped-storage hydropower plant can provide energy within 30 seconds and feed the stored energy into the grid.

The Components of the Water Battery

The Components of the Water Battery

Funktionsskizze Wasserbatterie
Speicherbecken Wasserbatterie

The newly-developed storage basin replaces the classic upper reservoir of the pumped-storage hydropower plant. Because of its prefabricated modular design, the water basin concept minimizes the impact on the landscape.

Druckrohrleitung Wasserbatterie

A penstock made of polyethylene connects the upper reservoirs with the lower reservoir. A special pipeline laying technique allows fast, resource-efficient and economical construction.

Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Wasserbatterie

The modular power plant is completely standardized and available in various power classes (16/24/32 MW). Reversible high performance turbines are the centrepiece of the electronically controlled power plant.

Unterbecken Wasserbatterie

Due to its natural design, the lower reservoir blends harmoniously with the landscape.

Advantages of the Water Battery

  • Saving of investment costs due to economies of scale and standardized solutions
  • Standardized power plant concept
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Small visual and environmental impact
  • Short construction period and uncomplicated approval process
  • Long service lifetime and cycle proof technology (~50 years)
  • Combination possibilities with all forms of renewable energies


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