Two more Hybrid Towers for wind farm Hoehn

Wind farm Höhn has grown – Additional to three wind turbines built two years ago near Montabaur, two new plants were erected now. Within the project, Max Bögl Wind AG was responsible for the civil engineering, the construction of the foundations, the tower erection and the interior construction.


At the end of 2017, the works on two GE-wind turbines of the type GE 3.2-130 3,2 MW started – the Hybrid Towers with hub heights of 134 meters were built in time despite the wintry weather conditions. All together they generate around 34,5 million kWh per year, what approximately correspond to the average annual power consumption of 24.000 people.


The interior construction of both new wind turbines was performed according to a new concept. The reduced amount of structural and electrical components enable a faster construction time and lower costs. With the new interior construction, the wind turbines of the project Höhn II are the first of its kind in Germany. In the current year, the new concept will be used in Huai Bong in Thailand, where 90 wind turbines will be erected according to this system.


Photocredits: Max Bögl Wind AG