Max Boegl Wind AG on the “Energy Storage Europe” fair

Fair Energy Storage Europe Düsseldorf 2018 – Max Bögl Wind AG will present its globally unique natural storage technology products at this year’s Energy Storage Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf. From March 13 to 15, the company will present its Water Battery in Hall 8b, booth E31.


The Water Battery from Max Bögl Wind AG is a completely new type of large-scale storage facility, which combines the production of electricity from renewable energy sources with a modern pumped storage hydroelectric power plant in a technically innovative manner. Proven converters from wind turbines are used in the pumped storage reservoir house in order to satisfy the grid code requirements of the grid operators and efficiently provide balancing energy. Max Bögl Wind AG has succeeded in using a series wind energy product in a hydroelectric power system for the first time. The company is also breaking new ground in the development of polyethylene (PE) connection pipes between the water storage facility and the pumped storage hydroelectric power plant. The pressure pipe has been developed in-house in order to establish location independent production and develop a series product that can be efficiently used worldwide for future Water Batteries.


The first Water Battery project is currently being developed in Germany at Gaildorf near Stuttgart. It consists of a wind farm with four wind turbines – among which is the highest wind turbine in the world at 178 meters – and a pumped storage hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 16 MW. The new storage concept uses the tower base of the wind turbines as water storage facilities with a storage capacity of 70 megawatt hours. A penstock connects them with a hydroelectric power station and its lower reservoir located 200 meters further down the valley.


“The Water Battery is a natural storage facility that stands out due to its durability and high degree of flexibility,” says Jürgen Joos, CFO at Max Bögl Wind AG. Josef Knitl, a Board Member of Max Bögl Wind AG, also adds: “Without large-scale and forward-looking projects and ideas, the energy transition in Germany cannot succeed. With the Water Battery and Hybrid Towers, we are making wind energy a more attractive and efficient source of clean energy while also setting new records.”