German solutions for renewable energies in Japan

Representatives from Max Bögl Wind AG meet with the Japanese Minister of Finance, Tarō Asō. The three-day journey to Japan includes further meetings with political representatives to promote international networking and establish new contacts. Japan aims to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources to a value of up to 24 percent by 2030.


Stefan Bögl CEO of the corporate group Max Bögl and Josef Knitl from the Max Bögl Wind AG Board of Directors received a hearty welcome at their meeting with Japan’s Minister of Finance, Tarō Asō, in Tokyo yesterday. The 77-year-old politician was interested in the Water Battery, the very first implementation of a large-scale storage system that combines power generation from wind energy with a modern pumped-storage power plant and also in the Hybrid Tower System of the Bavarian company, whose hub heights of up to 180 meters provide greater yields and high efficiency, especially in inland regions. After the atomic disaster at Fukushima, the East Asian country wishes to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources to a value of up to 24 percent by 2030 and is interested in innovative electricity generation and energy storage systems. After meeting the Minister of Finance, the German visitors also met with representatives from the Ministries of the Environment, Economic Affairs and Industry.


“Japan wishes to accelerate the expansion of renewable energy sources in the coming years. The country has a large number of suitable inland locations, for which our Hybrid Tower System with high hub heights is an ideal solution for a good wind yield. Also the topography of Japan with mountain regions and many forest areas are predestined for the Hybrid Tower System of Max Bögl”, explained Josef Knitl on the potential for wind energy systems in Japan. Stefan Bögl also sees a promising market for the Water Battery in the island nation: “Japan has a high rate of electricity consumption, alone due to the large population. This means that the change over to renewable energy sources will be a great challenge. With the Water Battery, we can store regenerative electricity and make it available again when needed. The Water Battery is also suitable for the various forms of regenerative energies and can ensure the stability of the grids.”


In addition to meeting with the Japanese representatives, Max Bögl Wind AG is also already active in Thailand. The world’s first mobile production plant for hybrid tower systems was constructed there over the last few weeks. Over the coming months, this will be used to produce 90 hybrid towers for the Korat Wind Farm in the Thepharak District, using the local resources and workforce but to the same high quality as in the parent factory in Sengenthal.


Picture caption: Stefan Bögl, CEO of the Max Bögl corporate group, (m.) and Josef Knitl, CEO of the Max Bögl Wind AG (r.), visiting the Japanese Minister of Finance Tarō Asō in Tokyo


Photo credits: Max Bögl Wind AG


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