Factory Production – Quality made in Germany

The concrete elements are mass-produced in our own prefabricated component plants at our headquarters in Sengenthal as well as in Osterrönfeld in northern Germany. The precision of the components is ensured via special, custom-developed formwork, precise CNC milling and exact measurement. Plant manufacturing also guarantees continuous quality monitoring of the production process. In this way, we produce up to 500 towers a year at both locations.


towers p.a. factorycapacity


towers p.a. mobilecapacity


Millimeters exactCNC milling


serial productionstart

Mobile Fabrication for international Projects

To increase flexibility for our customers when creating wind farms worldwide, we developed a mobile manufacturing system to produce our Hybrid Towers. The serial manufacturing process of the modular concrete segments has been adapted by our production plants and ensures worldwide the same high-quality standard and a production performance of up to 300 towers a year. The production on site avoids expensive long-distance as well as heavy-load transports, and supports the regional economy through targeted investments.

Advantages of the Mobile Fabrication

  • Manufacturing direct onsite
  • Local content: Sourcing, investment, jobs – benefits for local communities
  • Self-sufficient production facility
  • No currency risk: payment in local currency


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