Our energy services at a glance

Qualified employees advise and support our customers with efficient concepts for all service offerings. We are a competent partner – from the initial idea to financing, planning and execution to turbine operation. Our services also include technical as well as commercial operations management and the development of customised energy concepts.

Operations Management

Our technicians and engineers are capable of getting the maximum out of any wind turbine. To do so they use software solutions that are specifically designed for optimizing turbine behaviour.


We furthermore place great value on work safety. All employees are familiar with the highest current safety standards. They train for evacuation and rescue on the world‘s highest turbines. If necessary, our qualified employees also make expert inspections and electrical recurring inspections according to DGUV V3.


Already in the early phase of project planning for a turbine, the overall grid connection – from registration and infrastructure to final declaration of conformity – and communications interface are taken into account.



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Operations Management, P +49 9181 909-13228, betriebsfuehrung-wind@max-boegl.de


max.power - Direct Marketing of green Electricity

max.power has outstanding expertise in direct marketing in order to place the generated power on the electricity market at the most efficient time. Our customers make use of this profitable combination and benefit at the same time from our experience in marketing: our service ranges from the registration process and securing the remote control connection of your wind turbine to energy data management.


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Advisory & Sales: P +49 9181 909-14700

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Energy Solutions

Energy concepts are also a key component of the energy transition and climate protection. The central idea behind such concepts is to always produce as much energy as possible on your own and to use that energy in the most efficient way. At the same time all technical, commercial and regulatory requirements and opportunities should be considered. Together with our customers we develop energy solutions that ensure optimal use and efficiency.


Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of conceptual experience, ranging from building energy concepts to operating and marketing concepts for power generation plants. When developing all of our customized energy solutions, we combine our long-standing knowledge in renewable energy, direct marketing and the construction industry.



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